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Community Based and Non-Governmental Organizations


A photograph from ©Greenaction; Children holding up signs that say "Stop Environmental Racism" and "IES: Stop the Burning".


The following list of organizations is by no means intended to be an exhaustive inventory of environmental justice groups.  Instead, the groups highlighted below are meant to illustrate the wide range of geographic regions and subject areas that are currently involved in environmental justice issues.





Asian Pacific Environmental Network
Location and Scale: San Francisco, CA
Generally regional level involvement, some national
Issue Areas: local community organizing, network building of Asian-Pacific Islander groups, engagement in multiracial regional alliances
Affiliated Groups: Asian-Pacific Islanders (API)
Project Links:

Indigenous Environmental Network 
Location and Scale: Minnesota
National level involvement
Issue Areas: protection of sacred sites, land, air, water, and natural resources, public health
Affiliated Groups: Indigenous communities/Tribal governments
Project Links:

Center for Health, Environment & Justice
Location and Scale: Virginia
National level involvment
Issue Areas: skill training, strategic analysis, scientific research, Superfund projects, hazardous waste landfills, community right-to-know information, medical waste incinerators, pesticide testing on humans
Affiliated Groups: All communities and people at risk
Project Links:

Communities for a Better Environment
Location and Scale: Northern and Southern California
State and regional involvement
Issue Areas: organizing help, scientific and policy research, legal aid, air pollution from mobile/stationary sources, oil refineries, power plants, hazardous facilities, toxic emissions
Affiliated Groups: Low-income African-Americans, Latinos, people of other nationalities
Project Links:

SouthWest Organizing Project
Location and Scale: New Mexico
Statewide issues
Issue Areas: affordable housing, voter registration, siting of prisons, industrial plants, waste incinerators Islander groups, engagement in multiracial regional alliances
Affiliated Groups: Working-class communities of color
Project Links:

Coal River Mountain Watch
Location and Scale: West Virginia
Local issues
Issue Areas: coal mining practice of mountaintop removal, coal processing
Affiliated Groups: All local communities
Project Links:

Black Mesa Water Coalition
Location and Scale: Northeast Arizona
Local grassroots level involvement
Issue Areas: coal strip mines operated by Peabody Coal Company
Affiliated Groups: Navajo/Hopi people
Project Links:

Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (t.e.j.a.s.)
Location and Scale: Houston, Texas
Issues in Texas and Louisiana
Issue Areas: use of education, policy development, community awareness, legal action, emissions reduction, school siting within industrial corridor
Affiliated Groups: Communities of color and low income communities
Project Links:

Alternatives for Community & Environment
Location and Scale: Roxbury, MA (Boston)
Regional involvement
Issue Areas: proactive strategies, trash transfer stations, vacant lots, diesel exhaust, siting of asphalt plants and freeway off ramps
Affiliated Groups: Communities of color and low income communities
Project Links:

Bus Riders Union/Sindicato de Pasajeros
Location and Scale: Los Angeles, CA
Local transit issues
Issue Areas: public transportation (mainly buses), alternative fuels
Affiliated Groups: Minority and low income communities in L.A. area
Project Links:

Community Coalition for Environmental Justice
Location and Scale: Seattle, WA
Local issues
Issue Areas: community organizing, education, political advocacy, coalition building, air pollution, asthma, low income housing, youth-organized community outreach
Affiliated Groups: Low income communities and communities of color in Seattle area
Project Links:

Environmental Justice Action Group
Location and Scale: Portland, Oregon
Local issues
Issue Areas: environmental decision-making, brownfield sites, air quality, public health, freeway expansion
Affiliated Groups: Women of color, minority communities, low income communities
Project Links:


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