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Community Based Organizations in New York City


EJ protest, boston

Image from Chelsea, MA Protest of a rally against a proposed power plant, 2006


The following list of organizations is by no means intended to be an exhaustive inventory of environmental justice groups working in New York City.  Instead, the groups highlighted below are meant to illustrate the a range of neighborhoods subject areas that are currently involved in environmental justice issues.

El Puente
Location: Greenpoint/Williamsburg (Brooklyn)
Issue Areas: mobilization of youth and adults in the community around development and environmental issues
Successful protest of a waste incinerator, park and open space creation, shutdown of the city’s most violent high school, creation of the nation’s first public high school for human rights
Affiliated Groups: Latino communities
Project Links:

United Puerto Rican Organization of Sunset Park (UPROSE)
Location: Sunset Park/Red Hook (Brooklyn)
Issue Areas: Organizing, community education, development and support of intergenerational indigenous leadership, civic involvement, research, advocacy, community-based planning, pollution reduction, urban forestry
Affiliated Groups: Puerto Rican/Latino communities
Project Links:

Sustainable South Bronx
Location: South Bronx
Issue Areas: environmentally and economically sustainable development projects, bicycle/pedestrian greenway, green roofs, environmental stewardship training program, decommissioning of an underutilized expressway, polluting facilities
Affiliated Groups: All communities in South Bronx
Project Links:

West Harlem Environmental Action (WeACT)
Location: Harlem (Northern Manhattan)
Issue Areas: air quality, water and indoor pollution, toxins, land use and open space, waterfront development and usage, sanitation, transportation, historic preservation, regulatory enforcement, and citizen participation in public policy, North River Sewage Treatment Plant, bus depot siting, Columbia’s Manhattanville expansion, MTA bus operations and air quality
Affiliated Groups: Predominantly African-American and Latino residents
Project Links:

Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice (YMPJ)
Location: South Bronx
Issue Areas: youth leadership and organizing, parks and open space, affordable housing, tenant organizing, peace and justice, education and recreation, Star, Bronx River cleanup, decommissioning of an underutilized expressway.
Affiliated Groups: South Bronx youth and community members
Project Links:

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