We are currently seeking new editors. In order to better understand architecture in an interdisciplinary fashion, Tectonic will become both a magazine and a think tank. With new intentions, the magazine will expand and change based upon the board of contributors, editors, and students who will commission magazine content. Please email us a brief description B+C|A. Applications should include a brief description of your field of study, including your interest in architecture, a writing sample, and contact information. We will accept editors after an interview on a rolling basis over the course of the next month. 

An annual publication of submissions from students across the city, ranging from articles to photography, artwork, and even cartoons.

We are now accepting submissions to TECTONIC, our publication deeply interested in the conditions giving rise to new topics that benefit from the design imagination of undergraduate students across a range of disciplines. Founded by our very own Barnard+Columbia Architecture Society, we are seeking submissions in the form of essays, photography, and architectural proposals that may cross into studies of economics, engineering, anthropology, urban studies, and sustainability. We wish for the work within our publication to be a richly varied sampling of undergraduate practices, projects, and research. By allowing individual work to contribute to a larger body of disciplinary knowledge, TECTONIC becomes a framework for future inquiry and a project of projection.

Please see the attached document for specifications regarding submission. Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 5pm E.S.T.

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