Corrections & Updates to Old Editions of the Problem Book (14th -20th Editions)

Edition you Have Year Link you Need for Corrections & Updates
21st 2015 Corrections for 21st (to covert to 22nd, 2016)
20th, re-revised 2014 Corrections for 20th, re-rev (to covert to 21st 2015)
20th, revised 2013 Corrections for 20th, rev (to covert to re-revised, 2014)
20th 2012 Corrections for 20th (to covert to 20th ed, revised, 2013)
19th, re-revised 2011 Corrections for 19th, re-rev (to convert to 20th ed, 2012)
19th, revised 2010 Corrections for 19th, rev (to covert to re-revised, 2011)
19th 2009 Corrections for 19th (to covert to revised '10)
18th, revised 2008 Updates for 18th, rev (to convert to the 19th)
18th 2007 Corrections for 18th
17th, revised 2005 Updates for 17th, rev (to convert to the 18th)
17th 2004 Corrections to the 17th
16th, revised 2003 Updates for 16th, rev (to convert to the 17th)
16th 2002 Corrections to the 16th
14th or 15th 1999-2001 Corrections & Updates

Problem numbers are the same in the 18th -20th editions. They are similar in the 17th, but see updates for details.

We strongly recommend using the most recent edition of the problem book. (We do NOT get royalties.) If you use an earlier one, be sure to take account of all corrections and updates.