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Announcements for Spring 2013


*For Students just finishing up C2005/F2401*

Want to be a TA next fall? Email Dr. M. Include in a short email why you want to do it, and why you think you will be good at it. You'll be contacted for an interview just before school begins in the fall.

  Final exams from C2006/F2402 will be returned after the first class in the spring term. After that, they will be in the black rack across from Dr. M's office, 744 Mudd. (End of the hall, on the left.) Exams will be available until the first exam in the spring term. Regrades are not encouraged, but if you find a significant error in grading, you may submit a regrade request (using the usual form) during the first week of the spring term.
  **For Prospective Students -- for Spring 2013**

Welcome to Biology C2006 & F2402! The course in 2013 will be very similar to the 2012 version, although the order of some lectures may be changed. All lectures from last year, audio and outlines (brief notes), are online. They can be reached from the main menu or the schedule for 2012, as well as at

Head Start Info Want to get a head start for spring '13? Read Ch. 4 in Becker or Sadava/Purves (8th ed or older) or Chap 5 in Sadava/Purves (9th ed).
Handouts Why are selected handouts of '12 posted on Courseworks? All handouts containing copyrighted material are posted on Courseworks. All others are posted on the University server. Paper copies will be handed out in class, and extras will be placed in the boxes on the 7th floor of Mudd, between rooms 749 & 753C.
Schedule The schedule for 2013 will be posted shortly. For now, check out the schedule of 2012 for the approximate readings and order of lectures.
Exam Dates Exam Dates for 2013 will be 2/14, 3/14,  4/18 (all at 5:40 pm, with late shift at 7:30 for students with conflicting classes) & Tuesday 5/14 (at 9 am).  Please plan carefully as there will be NO makeups, and remember to be especially careful about buying tickets home!
Pre-requisites For GS & CC students: A grade of C- or better in Bio C2005 or F2401 or the equivalent is required. 
More Details

The lectures will be identical in the two courses, so students can attend either the morning or evening classes.  Dr. Mowshowitz will be lecturing during most of the semester, although Dr. Firestein may do the Neurobiology and Dr. Heicklen will do the development part. See the 2012 schedule for details.

Recitations begin the 2nd week of class.  Students in C2006 should sign up by the end of the first week, using the online form, and we'll post your assigned recitation sections early the next week.  (The online form will be ready early in first week.) No sign up required for F2402. NO ONE has to sign up before class starts.

The Problem Book will be available at The Village Copier on Broadway.  It will be about the same as last year. Old copies should be on reserve in the new Science Library (NW Corner building). We strongly recommend waiting to do the problems until after the corresponding lecture.

Coming up the first week of school -- the SURF symposium. You'll learn about the research that undergraduates have been doing, and you'll have a chance to earn extra credit as well.  Refreshments!

Overall: The administrative details are similar to those of last term (C2005/F24021). The overview is posted.  Pages that spell all the details out are linked to the main page. See About C2006  or About F2402.

Notes for this term will be extensive outlines, not word-for-word. This is partially for practical reasons and partially for educational reasons -- I think it encourages better student note taking and understanding. The outlines will be provided the night before (if not earlier) so you can print them out in advance and annotate them in class if you wish.

Which textbook should you read?   If you've been reading mostly Sadava/Purves, et al.'s Life, then you'll find that sufficient for this semester too.  If you prefer a more detailed text like Becker, et al.'s The World of the Cell, then you can read Becker for the cell biology parts, but you'll want to consult a physiology text for the physio parts. We usually recommend Sherwood's Human Physiology (used for some years in physiology) or text by Silverthorn (currently used in Physiology). Boron is fine too (if you already have it from Quantitative Physiology). There should be several copies of Sherwood & Silverthorn on reserve in the Science Library, and we will order some more. (There may be some in the bookstores as the books were used previously physiology.) Used copies may be available at Amazon or used book sites.

New Students: A few copies of the Becker & Sadava texts should be available at the College Book Store. If not, new and used copies are also widely available through  online vendors. Be sure to read the advice to students. Note: there was a new (8th) edition of Becker for 2012. The schedule for  2011 gives pages in the 7th, but if you are buying a new copy, and want the latest, get the 8th.

Study Groups Interested in finding someone to study with? Want to form a study group? Need some ideas about what to do in your study group? See the study group page. Email Dr. M if you want to add your name to the list of students looking for contacts.
  Useful Info on Printing from '08
2/4/08 Having trouble printing the html lectures with a Mac? A student informs me that it doesn't work well with Firefox, but works well with Safari. Firefox works well with a PC.

Having trouble printing from NewCourseworks?  Want to print (or look at) an html document without the Courseworks frame? Right click on the document  this frame show only this frame. Then print.  

If anyone has any more good advice on printing, or other use of electronic devices, please let Dr. M know.