Summer Journal Club 2003
Even more of a good thing

This week: Ant Madness!!!

Schedule of here to see who is next and who has already gone. Click here to get links to .pdfs for each week.

When: Tuesdays at 7:00pm

Where: Room 900, the graduate student lounge

Who’s invited? All grad students and postdocs who want to come by

What is the format? Check out our journal club readings page from last year to get an idea. Basically, two people choose a topic and find two somewhat related papers for everyone at least to print out and bring to the meeting. It's great if you can find a review (better: a minireview) on your topic for everyone to read so at least there is an idea of what is going on.

Some other quick rules: NO PowerPoint. This is to be a casual meeting of grad students and postdocs who want to practice talking and thinking about science and to have some fun as well. Also, please refrain from choosing huge 10-figure papers from obscure, disorganized journals, because people will lose interest.

A quick way to find a topic is to get on Nature or Cell or Science's website, search for reviews or News and Views or the like, and find an interesting topic that way. Last year Adelene and I searched on Cell for ubiquitin and found a minireview, then chose the two most interesting papers from the references for journal club last year.

Will there be food? Yes! The powers that be have granted us some money for refreshments, and who doesn't like stimulating science talk combined with free food?

Questions? Comments? Ready to sign up? Try this easy form! You don’t need to fill in all of the blanks.

The journal club is organized by Lora Barnhart ( and Adelene Tan ( If you have a problem with the website, write Lora. If you have a problem with Lora, write Adelene.

Click here to see the schedule from 2002.  We also have the archive of papers from 2002.