The Catalysis for a Sustainable Environment at the Earth & Environmental Engineering department of Columbia University believes in academic and research excellence. We believe in sharing this research through publishing our findings in academic journals.

The following is a searchable & sortable list of papers by Earth & Environmental Engineering.

Authors Title Publication Details Year Resources
Duyar, Melis, Ramachandran, Arvind, Wang, Christine, Farrauto, Robert J. Kinetics of CO2 methanation over Ru/Al2O3 and implications for renewable energy storage applications Journal of CO2 Utilization 12 (2015) 27-33 2015
Zheng, Qinghe, Farrauto, Robert, Deeba, Michel, Valsamakis, Ioannis Part 1: A comparative thermal aging study on the regenerability of Rh/Al2O3 and Rh/CexOy as model catalysts for automotive three way catalysts Catalysts (2015) 5, 1770-1796 2015
Zheng, Qinghe, Farrauto, Robert, Deeba, Michel Part II: Oxidative thermal aging of Pd/Al2O3 and Pd/CexOy in automotive three way catalysts: The effects of fuel shutoff and attempted regeneration Catalysts (2015) 5, 1797-1814 2015
Duyar, Melis, S., Trevino, Martha Arellano, and Farrauto, Robert J Dual function materials for CO2 capture and conversion using renewable H2 Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 168 (2015) 370-376 2015
Leung, Emi, Lin, Qiyuan, Farrauto, R. and Barmak, K Enhanced oxygen storage and redox properties by niobium-doped oxygen storage materials for three way automobile exhaust catalytic converters Under review -- --
Q. Zheng, C. Janke, and R. J. Farrauto Steam reforming of Sulfur-containing dodecane on a Rh-Pt catalyst: Influence of process parameters on catalyst stability and coke structure Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 160–161 (2014) 525–533 2014
A. Simson, K. Roarck, R. J. Farrauto A feasibility study of niobium-containing materials for oxygen storage components in three way catalysts for catalytic converters Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 158-159 (2014) 106-111 2014
C. Janke, M. Duyar, M. Hoskins, and R. J. Farrauto Catalytic and adsorption studies for the hydrogenation of CO2 to methane Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 152-153 (2014) 184-191 2014
M. Duyar, R.J. Farrauto, M. Castaldi and T. Yegulalp In situ capture using CaO/ Al2O3 for sorption enhanced water gas shift Industrial and Engineering Chemical Research 53 (2014) 1064-1072 2014
R. J. Farrauto New catalysts and reactor designs for the hydrogen economy Chemical Engineering Journal 238 (2014) 173-177 2014
Amanda Simson, Robert Farrauto, Marco Castaldi Steam reforming of ethanol/gasoline mixtures: Deactivation, regeneration and stable performance Applied Catalysis B: Environmental Volume 106, Issues 3–4, 11 August 2011, Pages 295–303 2011
McKenzie P. Kohn, Marco J. Castaldi, Robert J. Farrauto Auto-thermal and dry reforming of landfill gas over a Rh/γAl2O3 monolith catalyst Applied Catalysis B: Environmental Volume 94, Issues 1–2, 1 February 2010, Pages 125–133 2010
Robert J. Farrauto, Ye Liu, Wolfgang Ruettinger, Oleg Ilinich, Larry Shore and Tom Giroux Precious Metal Catalysts Supported on Ceramic and Metal Monolithic Structures for the Hydrogen Economy Catalysis Reviews: Science and Engineering Volume 49, Issue 2, 2007 pages 141-196 2007
Philipp Gruene, Anuta G. Belova, Tuncel M. Yegulalp, Robert J. Farrauto, and Marco J. Castaldi Dispersed Calcium Oxide as a Reversible and Efficient CO2−Sorbent at Intermediate Temperatures Industrial & Engineering Chemical Research 2011, 50 (7), pp 4042–4049 2011

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