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“Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention” Seminar

African-American Studies G4080y
Spring Semester, 2007
Dr. Manning Marable, Professor of Public Affairs, History, and African-American Studies, Columbia University
Seminar Location: 758 Schermerhorn Extension

(UPDATED) Download the syllabus here


E-seminar: Life after Death: Malcolm X and American Culture

This state-of-the-art learning experience was developed at Columbia University by Dr. Manning Marble working closely with skilled instructional technology staff. Three to five hours in length, this in-depth multimedia e-seminar is free to Columbia students, faculty, and staff.

* If you are not a member of the Columbia staff, faculty, or student body, but are interested in reviewing this e-seminar, please click here to register for a free trial subscription to Columbia Educational Resources Online.

This e-seminar treats the image of slain civil-rights leader Malcolm X after his death by focusing on the popular view of his life and his treatment by historians and scholars. A generation after his assassination Malcolm X's image and historical reputation have been profoundly transformed. Most historians of the black experience now rank Malcolm X among the half-dozen or so most influential personalities in African American history. Malcolm X's The Autobiography is one of the top ten best-selling nonfiction works of the twentieth century, according to Time magazine. Nearly 3,000,000 copies of this book have been sold. The essential question of this e-seminar is: How has the legacy of Malcolm X been portrayed in the popular imagination and analyzed in scholarly publications and broadcasts?

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