The New South Africa
Volume 2, Number 2


Waiting till the Midnight Hour: Reconceptualizing the Heroic Period of the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1965
Peniel E. Joseph

David Georgakas on the Successes and Failures of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement (DRUM)

Wilbur Haddock on the United Black Brothers

Impressions of the New South Africa
Manning Marable

The New Winners and New Losers in South Africa After Apartheid
Martin J. Murray

Better the Devil You Know? The Politics of Colouredness and Post-Apartheid South African Elections in the Western Cape
Grant Farred

The Ongoing Contestation over Nationhood
Anthony W. Marx

Issues in South African Foreign Policy: The African Renaissance
Moeletsi Mbeki

Traditional Leaders and Modernity
Herbert W. Vilakazi

The New South Africa and the Process of Transformation
Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Judging the New South Africa
Mary Marshall Clark

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