Chicanx Caucus
of Columbia University

About Caucus

Chicanx Caucus seeks to provide its members who self-identify as Chicanx, Mexican, or Mexican-American with an environment that will help them fulfill their educationalal goals, promote their cultural consciousness, and help them become active in serving the needs of their community. The goals of this organization in achieving this mission statement shall be: To inform Chicanos from every region of the United States about higher educational opportunities.
Particular emphasis on the strengths and weaknesses of an education at Columbia, and at other east coast universities, encouraging them to apply, and assisting them in the application process. To initiate and participate in activities that foster inter-group relations, interaction among the Chicanx Caucus, the Columbia Community, the New York and east coast Chicanx, Mexican, and Mexican-American community. To contribute through our active participation to the general well-being of Latinos, and towards the proper resolution of the problems facing these analogous people.
Chicanx Caucus of Columbia University was founded in 1977. Its more than 30 years of existence as one of the most active organizations and one of the oldest Latino organizations on campus has brought us to what Chicanx Caucus is today.

Our Constitution

October 13, 2013

Chicanx Caucus is proud to present our Constitution which outlines our mission and overall goals as an organization. Our constitution is meant to provide guidelines as we work to create a safe, inclusive environment for all.

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Our E-board

Lucia Hernandez Co-Chair

Martin Perez Co-Chair

Fernanda Martinez Secretary

Diego Delgado Treasurer _______

Cora Cervantes Political Chair

Sam Mateo Community Chair _______

Kimberly Meza Cultural Chair

Patricia Pou Educational Opportunities Chair

Erika Soto Media Relations Chair

Lorenzo Orozco Gender and Sexuality Chair

Alma Perez Social Chair

Fulanito Mascot