Sustainable Engineering & Materials Laboratory


Huiming Yin, PhD, PE
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Columbia University
634 Seeley W. Mudd
500 West 120th Street
New York, NY 10027
Phone: (212) 851-1648
Fax:(212) 854-6267
Curriculum Vitae
Welcome to the website of Dr. Huiming Yin’s group! The goal of this research group is to improve the sustainability of civil infrastructure through discovery, design, and development of advanced materials, structures and systems for energy, environmental, and economic benefits. My research focuses on modern structural materials and designs for energy efficient infrastructure. As the usage of materials and energy in civil infrastructure surpasses what mother-nature can provide, my research goal is to transform our civil infrastructure system into a new generation with reduced consumption of earth’s resources, minimized output of the waste and pollution, and high energy yield. As a step toward this goal, I have established the Sustainable Engineering and Materials Laboratory in the Carleton Laboratory, developed research approaches to characterize, simulate and analyze multi-physical material behavior at macro-, micro-, and nano- scales, and participated in interdisciplinary research projects covering mechanics, materials, structures, green technologies, and nondestructive testing. 
Sustainable Engineering & Materials Laboratory



First row left to right: Zhenyu Shou, Fangliang Chen, Huiming Yin, Qi Ge, Chensen Lin; Second row left to right: Liang Wang, Qiliang Lin, Xin He, Gan Song, Siyu Zhu.