The Health Costs of Racism, July, 2016 | watch

HSS: Creating Scholars for Population Health: A Celebration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars Program, 2016. | view video

Keynote address at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Clinical Scholars Annual Meeting, focus on racism and health. 2016. | view video

Courtney D. Cogburn was highlighted in an article titled, Improving the Health of All Americans, from the Association for Psychological Science's the Observer in 2013. | view article

Professor Cogburn was interviewed by Chinese TV about grand jury rulings in Garner, Brown deaths in 2014. | view article

Professor Cogburn was interviewed by CNC International in 2014. | view video

Carl Hart and Courtney Cogburn conducted a discussion of race-related topics in 2015. | view article and podcast

Invited Talks

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Cogburn, C.D., (2015, April). “But I’m not racist” v Anti-racism: A constructive dialogue about the role of racism in health and social work. Columbia School of Social Work Alumni Day. New York, NY.

Cogburn, C.D. (2015, February). Black health equity: Using a social lens to frame discussions on racial health disparities. Wesleyan University.

Cogburn, C.D. (2015, January). Health effects of structural racism: Using social science data in human rights advocacy. Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham University Law School.

Cogburn, C.D. (2015, January). Technology and structural discrimination. Discussant: Technology Salon New York. Brooklyn Community Foundation.

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