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Gould 5100 plotter

Gould 5100 plotter ad 1974 Computerworld 28 Nov 1973
Computerworld 14 May 1975
The Gould 5100 electrostatic graphics plotter publicity in 1974-75. This is the model Columbia had in its IBM 360/91 machine room. As noted in the Computerworld items above, it prints on 22-inch wide roll paper at 100×100 dots/inch at up to three inches per second. From IEEE Computer, November 1973:

ELECTROSTATIC PLOTTER (p. 38). "A high-speed electrostatic printer/plotter that produces computer-generated graphics on 22-inch wide paper was announced today by Data Systems Division of Gould, Inc. The Gould 5100 plots graphic material at up to three inches per second and has a resolution of 100 dots/inch vertically and horizontally. With the addition of a 96 ASCII upper and lower case character set, the Gould 5100 can print full alphanumerics at 264 characters per line and 1200 lines per minute. The Gould 5100 accepts 400 feet of coated paper rolled on a 3-inch internal diameter core. Traveling through the unit, the paper becomes electrically charged and fluid toned, emerging dry from the machine. The toner adheres to the charged areas, thus creating images."
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