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Scans of plates in L.J. Comrie articles from MNRAS 1928 and 1932. Click on thumbnail to get full-size 200 ppi image, which can be anywhere from 250K to 1MB. The punch-card machines are British 45-column round-hole models (the 1932 article [3] describes work that was done in 1927-28, just before the 80-column card was introduced).

Nova Brunsviga [1].
Brunsviga Dupla [1].
Burroughs Class II [2].
Burroughs Class II keyboard [2].
45-column round-hole punched Hollerith cards [3].
Punch-card machines: Type 001 Hand Key-Punch; Type 016 Electric Duplicating Punch, Sorter [3].
Hollerith Type III Tabulator [3].
Printing Mechanism [3].


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