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The Studebaker Building

The Studebaker Building in 2001

615 West 131st Street, between Broadway and 12th Avenue, and between 131st and 132nd Streets. A former Studebaker automobile finishing plant (hence the muscular freight elevator), constructed in the 1920s. Brick construction with white porcelein trim, 6 stories, plot size 175x200 feet, floorspace 210,000 square feet. The blue Studebaker "turning wheel" logo used between 1912 and 1934 is still visible on the southwest corner near the top. In 1937 Studebaker sold the building to the Borden Milk Company, which used it as a milk processing plant. Later it was home to various warehouses (e.g. for the American Museum of Natural History), offices, and small manufacturing facilities such as Madame Alexander Doll Company. Columbia began to rent office space there in the 1980s and bought the building in about 2000 and moved a good part of the former Computer Center there, as well as other administrative departments. Today it is one of the few remnants of the old industrial West Harlem neighborhood which is now the site of Columbia's new Manhattanville campus.


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