The Xerox 9700

Xerox 9700
Photo from 1977 Xerox product brochure found at DigiBarn Computer Museum.

300dpi duplex Xerographic printer, 2 pages per second, with limited typesetting and forms capabilities, 1977. For more than two decades, this was the premier high volume page printer. Note: the photo that was previously on this page turns out to have been of a "Xerox 4090 with high capacity feeder module and also a high capacity stitcher/stacker module, and not the Rolls Royce of printers (the 9700)", correction from Malcolm Common of Xerox (July 2009). I think what fooled me was that the other picture had a 9-track tape drive, as did our X9700. All of its print jobs were spooled onto tape by IBM and DEC mainframes for printing overnight.


Frank da Cruz / / Columbia University Computing History / Feb 2002 - July 2009