Center Cores


Center Cores

  • Administrative Core
  • Patient Recruitment/Assessment Core

Administrative Core

Functions of the Core

The Administrative Core provides supervision and support to all Conte Projects and Cores, support for the operation of all Conte-related committees, advisory boards and meetings. It additionally coordinates the Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Core Organization

The Administrative Core is located at Columbia University and is led by Daniel C. Javitt, MD, PhD. Dr. Javitt coordinates the Steering Committee, which consists of all Principal and Co-Principal Investigators of the five Center projects, and regularly reviews progress within each of the projects and cores. Dr. Javitt also coordinates the Internal and External Scientific Advisory Boards, which integrate the Center’s activities with those of its host institutions and provide evaluation of the Center from investigators with Center management experience, respectively.

Cheryl Corcoran, MD, serves as Co-Investigator of this Core and facilitates expansion of recruitment to the prodromal population. Joshua Kantrowitz, MD, serves as the Medical Director and facilitates patient recruitment through the Lieber Clinic.

Patient Recuritment/Assessment Core

Functions of the Core

The Patient Recruitment/Assessment Core aims to enhance clinical and neurophysiological capabilities of all projects. It is divided into the Clinical, Neurophysiological, and Neuroimaging Sub-Cores.  The Clinical Sub-Core develops and pilots behavioral tasks, and supports recruitment and clinical assessment. It additionally provides research diagnoses, clinical ratings, and neurophysiological outcomes assessment for Project 1. The Neurophysiology Sub-Core collects and analyzes electrophysiology (EEG) data, and develops new EEG batteries. The Neuroimaging Sub-Core develops and applies image analysis methods. 

Core Organization

The Patient Recruitment/Assessment Core is located at the Nathan Kline Institute and led by Pamela Butler, PhD. Dr. Butler oversees the activities of the Core and directs the activities of the neurophysiology Sub-Core. Karen Nolan, PhD and Nadine Revheim, PhD serve as Co-Investigators for this Core. Dr. Nolan is a neuropsychologist with expertise in clinical schizophrenia, and oversees implementation of recruitment and neuropsychological testing. Dr. Revheim oversees clinical assessment protocols at the Nathan Kline Institute and spearheads cognitive rehabilitation efforts.