Need something? Feel free to send an email to the CQA Board's email. If you're looking to get in touch with a particular person, see below for more information.

The Columbia Queer Alliance Board

President: Jeanette Clark
email: sjc2127 (at) columbia (dot) edu

Vice President: Aries Dela Cruz
email: ad2397 (at) columbia (dot) edu

Secretary: Joseph Daniels
email: jed2118 (at) columbia (dot) edu

Treasurer: Learned Foote
email: lmf2122 (at) columbia (dot) edu

Community & University Relations: Zachary Lundin
email: zgl1 (at) columbia (dot) edu

Activism & Service: Peter Gallotta
email: pkg2102 (at) columbia (dot) edu

New Media: Laura Torre
email: mt2482 (at) columbia (dot) edu

Social Chair: Bryan Reid
email: (at) gmail (dot) com

Bios coming soon...