Vegan Bake Sales

This year we are doing vegan bake sales on the Lerner Ramps to raise money for animal shelters and our annual veg thanksgiving dinner. Send us recipes, come and help us bake, or drop by the bake sale to support CSAP's efforts! Look out for exact dates and times in our emails and keep up to date using our google calendar.

2011.11.11 Lucky number three. More vegan goodies for everyone! Another big thanks to Abby for baking.

2011.10.14 Our second bake sale of the year! We raised over $55 from just Abby's baking alone. Thank you so much Abby!

2011.09.30 CSAP's first bake sale of the year! We made over $60 from vegan cupcakes, cookies, snickerdoodles, and biscuits. A big thanks to Abby, Peng, Vanessa, and Nadya for baking; and Anish and Sadie for help at the sale!