Welcome to CUJSAS

The Columbia Undergraduate Journal of South Asian Studies (CUJSAS) is a web-only academic journal based out of Columbia University. The journal is a space for undergraduates around the world to publish their original research on South Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, & Sri Lanka) from both the social sciences and humanities. As such, CUJSAS is multi-disciplinary, which primarily reflects the movement of the field of South Asian studies to avoid notions of academic provincialism. More information regarding the journal can be found in the "About" section.

The Spring 2011 issue is now online.

Did you miss an interesting lecture on campus or around New York City? Check out our new blog, Qalam, in which South Asia-related lectures and academic events are reviewed. Let us know about upcoming events by emailing cujsas@gmail.com.

Check back in the August/September 2011 for information about submitting for the next issue of CUJSAS.

Congratulations to next year's editorial board: Jazmin Malani Graves (Editor in Chief), Salonee Bhaman (Chair, Events and Publishing), Ayushi Roy (Chair, Recruiting and Online Media) and Rakhi Agrawal (Secretary). Next year promises to be an exciting one for the CUJSAS team!

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