While the study of South Asia has increasingly become more common at the undergraduate level, there exist few places for undergraduates to publish their original work. As such, the Columbia Undergraduate Journal of South Asian Studies seeks to become a space for undergraduates, both in the United States and abroad, to showcase their research. As noted elsewhere, the journal is not limited to any specific discipline, but instead seeks to publish work from the loosely defined subject areas of the “social sciences” and “humanities.” This reflects the constant movement of the study of South Asia to cross the borders of academic disciplines and utilize tools of analysis from across the spectrum to ask (and perhaps answer) questions that have been heretofore ignored. While an excellent example of this type of scholarship would be Subaltern Studies, this journal will not be a locale for any specific branch of analysis. Instead, this journal will publish the work that has been, until now, provincialized in classrooms across the world. With this in mind, we welcome you to CUJSAS.