Community News

Volume 5, Number 3 -- November 1996

Community News is published monthly during the academic year by women and men of Columbia University's lesbian, bisexual, and gay community. We thank GABLES-CU for providing financial and moral support.

   Managing Editor  Robert Bromfield  854-5596
   News Editor      Karl Joseph Ufert 854-6521
   CN Online:       Robin Dale        854-1336
   Contributors     Ray Smith         
                    Frank Susa        
   Production       Nuala Hallinan    854-5644
		    Margarita Suarez  854-5434

   Convenor         Robert Bromfield  854-5596
   Secretary        TBA        
   Treasurer        Michael Susi      854-6108
   Nurturer         Ken Harlin        854-1501
   Mailing List     Trevor Dawes      854-7309

Community News is distributed at various public University locations, including Earl Hall, via a mailing list (854-7309, or, and on the Worldwide Web Server at (for help in connecting call the AcIS Help Line, 854-4854). Our mailing address is GABLES-CU, Box 105 Central Mail Room, Mail Code 5705, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. 10027, and our telephone is 212-854-7311. Opinions expressed in these pages belong to the author of each article and do not represent views of either Community News or Columbia University.
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