Report from the 15th International AIDS Conference at Bangkok

Kim prepared body bags to present to Harvey Bale of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations.

Hey CGJ—

I just got back from a week in Bangkok at the International AIDS Conference, where I was one of 15,000 peons. This e-mail will be sort of long, so sit back and enjoy it! My thoughts overall from Bangkok are varied—I got alternately sick of old white men's rhetoric but also of some of the activists I encountered there. Overall, I learned a lot, from both actions and sessions. I have lots of great ideas for the fall. Please email me or call me this summer and we can get started! I also brought back scads of literature and stickers and stuff, so also let me know if you're interested in reading about... “HIV/AIDS prevention among migrant fishermen in Thailand and Cambodia” or anything else. These are just some highlights of some sessions that I attended and some protests that I participated in:

Session: Why HIV/AIDS education in the classroom isn't working. Interesting title, right? The lecture was on a study that found that comprehensive sexual education did not significantly increase safer sex. Everyone who was in the session was in education, mainly, and they defended most of their practices, particularly this woman who was in the Ministry of Education in India. The main issue in this session was that although the framework of a comprehensive sexual education may be in place in the school systems, it does not necessarily translate into positive action on the part of students. Other factors considered were: ability to freely ask questions, ability to access condoms, etc. Also, a lot of the older people worried about how the parents would deal with this sexual education going on in the schools (I also have more notes on all these sessions if you are interested in the specific presenter and more of what was discussed).

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November 28th - December 3rd 2005

Please join us as we explore the ways that AIDS is affecting different regions of the world and what you can do about it.


Monday, November 28:
AIDS In Africa: Are We Keeping the Promise?
Speaker series including Dr. Allan Rosenfield, dean of Mailman School of Public Health, Dr. Alan Berkman, founder of HealthGAP (Global Action Project) and professor of epidemiology at Mailman School of Public Health, Dr. Patricia Toro, senior project official for MCTC+ at MSPH, and Dr. Jessica Justman, Assistant Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University Technical Assistance Program (UTAP), International Center for AIDS Care
Co-sponsored with the Economics Society, College Democrats, Ukranian Society, the Earth Institute, and Students for Choice
7 pm, Satow Room

Tuesday, November 29:
HIV/AIDS in Latin America
Dinner and discussion with Jennifer Nagle, HIV/AIDS division, Human Rights Watch
Co-sponsored with Chicano Caucus
7:30 pm, Lerner Ramp Lounge West

Wednesday, November 30:
Business & the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic
* Samir Khalil, Executive Director of HIV Policy & External Affairs, Europe Middle East & Africa, Merck & Co.
* Trevor Neilson, Executive Director, Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS
* Anil Soni, Clinton Foundation
* Kim Nichols, Executive Director, African Services Committee
MODERATOR: * Lee Branstetter, Professor of International Business at Columbia
CO-SPONSORS: Africana Association * SIPA Pan-African Network * MIDI * Institute of African Studies * Global Justice * Health Care Industry Association * Student Leadership Board * GBA/COVAP * Greater China Society * South Asian Business Association * Latin American Business Association
Business School
5:00 pm, Uris Hall, Room 141

Club Zamana presents “Born into Brothels,”
An Oscar-winning documentary about poverty, media and sex work in India
7:00 pm, Shapiro Lounge 

Thursday, December 1, World AIDS Day:
Fund the Fund: 30 seconds to Fight AIDS
Pressure your senator to demand the US fair share funding to fight AIDS, TB and malaria
10 am, Low Plaza

Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise
World AIDS Day Commemoration
An evening of music and reflection
Join UNAIDS and African Services Committee
7:30 pm, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 112th and Amsterdam

Call to Action: World AIDS Day
Spoken word performances from artists, youth, students and community members
Co-sponsored with the Office of Multicultural Affairs
7 pm, Davis Auditorium, Schapiro Hall

Friday, December 2:
CUDM presents Dancers Respond to AIDS:
An international performance with dances from Raw Elementz, CU Steps, CU Bhangra, Taal, CU Raas, Sabor, Orchesis, Korean drumming troupe, Dance Team
7pm, Lerner Auditorium

Saturday, December 3:
100 Lives, 100 Minutes: HIV/AIDS Day of Action
Join us for HIV/AIDS outreach in the subways
1-4 pm, Kickoff begins in the Lerner Ramp Lounge West
Free t-shirts for groups of 5 or more!

Tuesday, December 6:
Ukranian Society presents: HIV/AIDS in Eastern/Europe-
A discussion with Human Rights Watch, Ukraine HIV/AIDS program, Featuring Rebecca Schleifer and Jane Buchanan
1:30 pm in 1219 IAB

Discourses on a Pandemic: approaching AIDS through cultural studies
Speakers: Rosalind Morris (CU, Anthro.) and Robert Semper (School of Public Health, Sociomedical Sciences)
Respondents: Saskia Sassen (U. of Chicago, Soc.) and Gayatri Spivak (CU, English/ Comp. Lit and Society)
Moderated by Bruce Robbins (CU, English)
7 pm, Altschul Auditorium, IAB

The Office of Multicultural Affairs presents
AIDS Advocacy through Performance Art: Dessert and Discussion
Featuring The Nitestar Program @ SLRHC performing PANDEMIC
Adapted from the documentary film, "Pandemic, Facing AIDS" by Rory Kennedy
6 pm, IRC


 Official co-sponsors of World AIDS Week: Presidents and Provosts'  Fund, CCSC, GSSC, ESC, SGB, Chicano Caucus, Club Zamana, Hindu Students Organization, Intergreek Council, Columbia College Democrats, Chinese Students Club, Model Congress, Queer Alliance, Veritas, ACLU, Everyone Allied Against Homophobia, Columbia Economics Society, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Dance Marathon



November 14th - November 19th


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A good look at the big picture is Dying for Growth: Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor by Jim Yong Kim.

You should also check out Randy Shilts's And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic for a look at the domestic front.

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