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CAFTA is a trade plan that mirrors NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), and it will have disastrous effects on Central American countries’ access to generic drugs, in addition to destabilizing the lifestyles of agricultural workers and other laborers within these countries. Read more about how CAFTA prohibits access to generic drugs under these new tightened provisions.

US & Latin American AIDS Advocates Blast CAFTA's Anti-Generic Drug

Will Poor People have Access to Medicines (Oxfam): http://www.oxfamamerica.org/pdfs/cafta_ip_brief0404.pdf
Guatemala: Country example (MSF): http://www.msf.org/countries/page.cfm?articleid =0C4AAA4A-0F7E-4ABE-AE0238670EAFAC93



What we have done in the past:

-Coordinated the New York City Student Global AIDS Walk 2002
-Placed 2nd in Oxfam's Povertyfighters Clickdrive spring 2003
-Coordinated and planned Columbia's first ever World AIDS Week, extending World AIDS Day into a week-long event
-link to last year's CUWAW calendar
-Hosted Student Initiative for AIDS and a slam poetry event to raise money and awareness about the HIV pandemic
-Coordinated with SIA a citywide student discount card program to raise money for AIDS efforts in Africa
-Protested Kerry, Bush and Edwards to campaign on AIDS (check out: aidsvote.org)
-Held teach-ins on debt relief, the overall pandemic, microbicides, and vaccines


Read about our past events:

Rally Kicks Off First Ever CU AIDS Week

AIDS Group interrupts speech, seeks policy outline http://www.columbiaspectator.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2004/02/20/

AIDS fight gets $125 million grant http://www.columbiaspectator.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2004/03/01

Columbians, start your mouses http://www.columbiaspectator.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2004/03/05

Columbians make bid for first in click off to end poverty http://www.columbiaspectator.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2004/03/01

Forum calls anti-aids effort a "global effort" http://www.columbiaspectator.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2003/09/16

Voices of the Virus

The Edwards action

Time magazine: http://www.time.com/time/election2004/columnist/





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