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New to AIDS activism? Want to be startled, shocked, angered, saddened? Read these.

Not only do these books address HIV/AIDS, but also sustainable development; gender equality; the factors that create institutionalized, structural poverty; racism and health care access; the politics of disease and its spread; and how culture relates to health care.

The Big Picture: Globalization, sustainable development, structural poverty, and health care access

Global AIDS: Myths and Facts. By Alexander Irwin, Joyce Millen and Dorothy Fallows.

Dying for Growth: Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor by Jim Yong Kim
The Health of Nations: Why Inequality is Harmful to Your Health by Ichiro Kawachi, Bruce P. Kennedy

The first 20 years (the domestic front)

And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic by Randy Shilts
AIDS Doctors: Voices from the Epidemic: An Oral History by Ronald Bayer
The Coming Plague: New Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance. by Laurie Garrett


Human rights and economics

The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time by Jeff Sachs
America Needs Human Rights by Anuradha Mittal and Peter Rosset
Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen
The Praxis of Suffering: An Interpretation of Liberation and Political Theologies by Rebecca Chopp


The Paul Farmer library

AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Georgraphy of Blame by Paul Farmer
Infections and Inequalities: The Modern Plagues by Paul Farmer
Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War On the Poor by Paul Farmer
Women, Poverty and AIDS: Sex, Drugs and Structural Violence by Paul Farmer 

AIDS and the social sciences

Women, AIDS and activism. ACT UP/NY Women and AIDS Book Group. Boston: South End Press.
How to Have Theory in an Epidemic by Paula Treichler
A Plague of Paradoxes: AIDS, Culture, and Demography in Northern Tanzania (Worlds of Desire) by Philip Setel
Women at the Crossroads: A Prostitute Community's Response to AIDS in Urban Senegal by Michelle L. Ranaud
The Night Is Young: Sexuality in Mexico in the Time of AIDS (Worlds of Desire) by Hector Carrillo


Mountains Beyond Mountains: Healing the World: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer by TRACY KIDDER


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Write to your Congresswomen and men. Often, our home state Congress-people are on major committees, such as the Foreign Operations Appropriations Committee. You can find your representatives at or Now, e-mail makes contacting you representatives even more easy! Congress-people are not entirely soul-less. Once in a while, they do pass decent legislature, so don't give up hope.

Don't know your representatives in the House?
Don't know your senators? Click on “Find your senators” here:

Write to your newspapers. Newspapers love angry, passionate and well-written editorials. You should especially write to your small town local daily, because your chances of getting published increase. These are some sample editorials:

Expand access to vision drugs

Bush's deadly silence


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Also, sign up for action alerts from CHAMP, HealthGAP, and the Student Global AIDS Campaign (see the "links to the larger movement")


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Think Columbia students can't get HIV? Use condoms! You can get them free at GHAP, Alice!, health services, and from all RAs.

Get tested. Columbia has free testing through GHAP, the Gay Health Advocacy Project. This is their website:

New York City also has free testing. The number to call to make an appointment there is 1-800-TALK-HIV. One test site is located at 126th street and Broadway. You must call the TALK-HIV number to make an appointment.


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Link to the larger movement:

Stay informed! Get daily HIV or reproductive health updates from the Kaiser Family Foundation


-Taking It Global-
-Student Global AIDS Campaign/Global Justice National and
-Advocates for youth
-Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA)

New York City:

-Bailey House
-Iris House
-African Services Committee
-Gay Men's Health Crisis


-MCTC Plus @ the Mailman School of Public Health
-HVTN @ Columbia- HIV Vaccines Trials Network
-the Earth Institute


-Campaign to End AIDS
-Housing Works
-Global AIDS Alliance
-Universities Allied for Access to Essential Medicine
-Physicians for Human Rights

International organizations:

-WHO 3x5 plan
-Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria
-Fund the Fund
-Partners in Health
-Doctors without Borders
-Treatment Action Campaign (South Africa)
-Africa Action
-Jubilee (debt relief campaign):

Learn more about the science of HIV/AIDS:

-Global Campaign for Microbicides
-Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
-American Foundation for AIDS Research:
-International AIDS Vaccine Initiative-


-Nelson Mandela Foundation
-Stephen Lewis Foundation

Take care of yourself:

-Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Internet Resource:
-HIV tests everywhere-
Also check out this Q and A about testing :


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Needle exchange programs, buddy programs, and other volunteer opportunities exist for people of all schedules. Here are some great places to see if you can help out or establish a regular pattern of volunteering:

-GMHC: Buddy, kitchen assistant, pantry helper, group leader, specialist, and more
-Bailey House
-Iris House
-East Harlem HIV Care Network
-New York AIDS Housing Network
-Housing Works bookstores/thrift shops
-New York Harm Reduction Educators/Bronx-Harlem Needle Exchange Program


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