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Auditioning for CUGC

Anyone affiliated with Columbia University - undergraduates, graduate students, alumni, staff or faculty - is welcome to audition for the gospel choir or band. CUGC is always looking for singers and musicians who are passionate about music and ministry.

Auditions can be a scary process, but at CUGC our intention is not to intimidate but to encourage you every step of the way. We want to hear you at your best.

The Fall 2016 audition cycle is currently closed. Auditions are usually held within the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Please check back and follow our social media pages to be notified of our next round of auditions.

Walk-in or Reserve a Time Slot
Persons interested in auditioning can either sign up on the night of the audition or reserve an audition time slot in advance by emailing or contacting us via our Contact Us page.

Drummers must reserve an audition time slot in advance so we can have a drum set available.

Available Time Slots:
8:00-8:10      8:30-8:40PM     9:00-9:10PM     9:30-9:40PM
8:10-8:20PM     8:40-8:50PM     9:10-9:20PM     9:40-9:50PM
8:20-8:30PM     8:50-9:00PM     9:20-9:30PM     9:50-10:00PM
*Please arrive 10-15 minutes in advance of your time slot.

Callbacks are for singers only

During an audition, the CUGC music directors are not just trying to determine singing skills, but also blending ability and vocal range. Singers will have to to:
1. Perform a couple of vocal exercises.
2. Sing a song of their of choice (30-60 seconds).
- If time is limited, the music director(s) may politely interrupt a singer's performance.
- Singers should chose an audition piece that is preferably from the R&B, Soul, Gospel or Christian genres.

When possible, musicians should provide their own instruments
Drummers - A drumkit will be available. Drummers must reserve a time slot in advance by emailing
Pianist/Keyboardists - A simple keyboard will be available on the nights of the auditions.
Other Musicians - Please bring your own instrument(s).