Enclosures and Enviroments I Contents

  1. Historical trajectories of the building envelope
  2. Environmental forces on the building envelope
  3. Properties of building components and environments
  4. Mechanisms of heat transfer
  5. Human comfort
  6. Air and water through the building envelope
  7. Heat flow through the building envelope
    o...Part I: Heat loads
  8. o...Part II: Cooling loads
  9. Structural envelope functions

Typology of Building Enclosure Systems

  1. Bearing Walls: Monolithic Masonry
  2. Bearing Walls: Masonry Cavity and Platform Frame
  3. Frame and Infill: Frame and Exfill
  4. Curtainwalls
  5. Miscellaneous
  6. Bearing Wall - Superceded
  7. C-Stud - Superceded
    o...Stone, Masonry and Reinforced Concrete
  8. Platform frame part I
  9. Platform frame part II
  10. Frame and Infill - Superceded

Enclosures and Environments I Table of Contents