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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join HKSSS?

HKSSS, the Hong Kong Students Scholars Society of Columbia is an organization focused on learning and sharing of Hong Kong culture. On top of gaining a group of people who appreciates 'yum cha,' big two, ma jong, karaoke, and other activities that Hong Kongers enjoy and as much as you do, you also gain valuable experience in leadership, learning to organize events and lead events. We are also just a group of people who know how to have loads of fun, and would love for you to join us!

Can I join HKSSS if I'm not from Hong Kong?

Being from Hong Kong is not a requirement for joining our club. We are an interest based organization. Join us if you want to become part of a great group of people with strong interests in the Hong Kong culture!

What is the time commitment like if I join HKSSS?

As a board, we have weekly hour long meetings to discuss upcoming events, delegate specifics of different events in the semester. You are expected to be present for the events we host, which usually take place on Fridays and Saturdays for a few hours. We also have outings to restaurants and gatherings which all are encouraged to come to! You may also attend other clubs' events on behalf of HKSSS, which also take place mostly over the weekends.

What will my role be in HKSSS?

As an OCM, you will be in charge of carrying out many tasks that the HKSSS Eboard needs for events to run successfully. You may find yourself heading to Chinatown one weekend with a few fellow OCMs to shop for events, or decorating venues and being actively present for events to ensure all events run well. You may also find yourself attending conferences and participating in other clubs' events on behalf of HKSSS, representing us in other clubs' efforts.