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Departmental Courses Approved for the Latino Studies Major

Antropology [ANTH]
V3017y Caribbean societies in the global system 3 pts. E. Skinner. TuTh 2:40-3:55.
MUSI V2050y Music 2000: issues of race and ethnicity in New York City musics 3 pts. T. Taylor
V3041y Theories of culture: past and present 3 pts. M. Jacquemet
V3960y The culture of public art and display in NYC 4 pts. A. Alland
Economics [ECON]
W4321x Economic development 3 pts. K. Leonard
W4438x Economics of race in the U.S. 3 pts. B. O’Flaherty
W4311y Economic history of the U.S. 3 pts. D. Weitman
W4400 Labor economics 3 pts.
English and Comparative Literature [ENGL]
W3001x Literary texts and critical methods 3 pts. D. Miller
W3283y Contemporary American Fiction 3 pts. R. Locke
W3622y Contemporary African-American literature 3 pts. A. Douglas
CPLT W4630y Literature of the Americas 3 pts. Z. Nunez
History [HIST]
W3643 Slavery and slave resistance in the Americas 3 pts. W. James
W3644y Ethnicity and Race 3 pts. J. Shenton
W3699x Migration and the Community: The Latino Experience 3 pts. C. Sanabria
W4779x History of Latin American Civilization, pre-Columbian period to 1810 3 pts. H. Klein
W4780y History of Latin American civilization: 1810 to present 3 pts. H. Klein
W4778y Caribbean History: from emancipation to independence 3 pts.
Latinos in New York: Historical and Sociological Perspectives 3 pts. C. Sanabria
Political Science [POLI]
W3245x Race and Ethnicity in American Politics 3 pts. P. Thompson
V3313y American urban politics 3 pts. J. Glascock
W4461y Latin American politics 3 pts. D. Chalmers
W4311x American parties and elections 3 pts. E. Fuchs
Sociology [SOCI]
V3265y Minorities and Ethnic groups in American life 3 pts. E. Litwak
V3247y The Immigrant experience, old and new, 3 pts., R. Smith
V3324y Poverty, Inequality and Policy, a sociological perspective, 3 pts. R. Smith
W3945x Seminar on Inequality and public policy 3 pts S. Spilerman
G4021x Population Studies 3 pts. J. McCarthy
G4265y Race/Ethnicity and economic organizations 3 pts. K. Neckerman
G4324y Survey methods 3 pts. S. Lehmann
G4330y Education and Inequality 3 pts. K. Neckerman
Spanish and Portuguese [SPAN]
BC3204x Latina Literature 3 pts. L. Fiol-Matta
BC3205 Hispanic lesbian and gay representations 3 pts.
W3200 Spanish Grammar and Composition 3 pts. E. Chamberlain
W3332 Reading and Writing about 20th-century Hispanic literatures 3 pts. H. Aguilar
W3351x Literature and Culture of Latin America: colonial through modernism 3 pts. I. Estrada
W3265y Latin American literature in translation 3 pts. A. Mac Adam
W3490x Latin American Humanities I 3 pts.
W3491y Latin American Humanities II 3 pts.
CLSP W3661y Chicano literature: living on the border 3 pts. E. Chamberlain
W4230x Spanish immersion through contemporary Mexican topics 4 pts. R. Bergman
W 4265x Gender and Power in Latin America 3 pts. D. Eltit
W4267y "Race Women" gender and race in Latin America 3 pts. L. Fiol-Matta