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August 2005.  The APIS project, currently coordinated by the University of Michigan, with Columbia as the technology host, completed its Phase IV in June 2005. It also received further funding from NEH for an additional two-year grant beginning July 2005 which will be supplemented by additional external funding sources.

As part of Phase V, a new central image repository will be built and new zoomable, multiresolution images generated and displayed. A concrete strategy for long-term digital archiving or images and metadata will be planned; implementation will proceed as funds become available. An APIS project coordinator is funded to assist with planning, editorial and adminstrative activities.

Phase IV: Expanded the number of APIS contributors in the U.S. and, for the first time, brought in contributors from Europe: the University of Oslo and the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. There was significant new cataloging and imaging from existing APIS partners. A sustainability plan with a formal APIS organizational structure was developing and partially implemented.

Phase III: Brought two new papyrus collections into APIS (U. of Toronto and Washington University). It also included a complete rewrite of the APIS search and retrieval application and a migration of the database to a new, more current metadata platform using Columbia's Master Metadata File version 2.


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