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Stephen Paul Davis, Director (spd1)

Development, Infrastructure and Applications

  • Ben Armintor, Head (ba2213)
  • Jack Donovan, Lead Applications Developer (jd2148)
  • Fred Duby, Programmer/Analyst (fcd1)
  • [Vacant], Analyst / Programmer
  • Eric O'Hanlon, Senior Programmer / Analyst (elo2112)

Digital Collections and Preservation Systems

  • [Vacant], Head
  • David Hodges, Special Collections Analyst (dwh2128)
  • Brian Luna Lucero, Digital Projects Librarian (bal35)
  • Dina Sokolova, Digital Preservation Librarian (ds2057)

Web Development and Design

  • Candice Kail, Head (cak2158)
  • {Vacant], Web Services Librarian
  • Dmitri Laury, Senior Web Systems Manager (dl415)
  • Ed Madrid, Web Designer (etm2129)
  • Erik Ryerson, Senior Web Designer / Developer (er2576)

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