Minutes of the Common Council of the City of New York 1784-1831 (v. 10)

(New York :  City of New York,  1917)



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552                           City of New York            20 Sept. 1819

upon his house & lot [16] No. 123 Anthony Street and praying an ex¬
tension of time for payment of said Assessment, was read and referred
to the Finance Committee.

The following persons were appointed Firemen, the Chief Engi¬
neer certifying the Vacancies:

" Fire Engine Companies."

No 3.

Jacob Brower—Accountant 49 Beaver St. 1 ward vice William

No. 9.

W"^ S. Roshore—Grocer—62 Pearl St. 1 ward vice Matthias Val¬

No. 28.

John Jones—Slater—Mott n. Bleecker St. 8 ward vice Robert

The Street Commissioner presented an Assessment for repaving
Grand Street from the Bowery to Broadway and one for paving Broad¬
way from Bleecker Street to Art Street—which were confirmed and
Noah Jarvis appointed Col- [17] lector in the former and Morris De
Camp in the latter.

He also presented a Communication recommending that Reade
Street be regulated and paved from Washington Street to the Bulkhead
with so much of Washington Street as may be necessary to make it
conform to the regulation of Reade Street and he also presented an
Ordinance conformably thereto, which was passed and John Targee,
Abraham Bloodgood and Benjamin Prince were appointed Assessors

He also presented Ordinances for regulating Bleecker Street from
McDougall Street to the Sixth Avenue, for regulating and paving
Thompson Street from Spring Street to Broome Street, and for regu¬
lating Wooster Street from Spring Street to Lispenard's line, which
were passed and the same persons appointed Assessors in each.

He also stated that the lower end of Harrison Provost and Beach
streets from Washington [18] Street to the River and North Moore,
Hubert and Laight Streets from Greenwich street to the River re¬
quired regulating and paving and he presented Ordinances agreeably
therefor which were passed and Abraham Bloodgood, John Brower and
Abraham Baudouine were appointed Assessors in each.
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