Rawlinson, H. G. Intercourse between India and the western world from the earliest times to the fall of Rome

(Cambridge :  University Press,  1916.)



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vi                              Preface

The difficulties of a work of this kind are
considerable in India, where up-to-date libraries
are few and far between, and the verification of
references is proportionately tedious and laborious.
I owe, therefore, a special debt of gratitude to
Professor E. J. Rapson, who has read through my
proofs, made numerous suggestions and corrections,
and assisted me in many ways; to Dr P. Giles,
Master of Emmanuel College, for criticisms and
references; and lastly, to the authorities of the
University Press, for their unfailing courtesy and
promptitude. The map is reproduced by kind
permission of Messrs Longmans, Green and Co.;
the coin plate was prepared at the British Museum,
under Professor Rapson's directions. The photo¬
graphs are produced with the permission of the
Director General of Archaeology, with the excep¬
tion of the Javanese plate, which I owe to Mr
H. J. Lewis, of the Atelier at Soerabaia.


Poona, 1916.
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