Rawlinson, H. G. Intercourse between India and the western world from the earliest times to the fall of Rome

(Cambridge :  University Press,  1916.)



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CHAP.                                                                                                  PAGE

I.       From the Earliest Times to the Fall of

Babylon    .......           i

II.      The Persian Period. Herodotus: Ktesias         i6

III.     The Maurya Empire.   Megasthenes   .       .         33

IV.      Greek AND Semi-Greek Dynasties of the

Panjab.......         69

V.       The Ptolemies      .       .       .       .       .       .88

VI.      India and the Roman Empire   .       .       .       loi

VII.     India and the Roman Empire (continued) .       127

VIII.    The Effects of the Intercourse between

India and the West       ....       155

Bibliography       ......       181

Index........       183


A Hindu ship arriving at Java     .       .         frontispiece

AsoKA Pillar (Indo-Persian)   .       .       .      to face p. 64

Indo-Greek and Indian Coins (with descrip¬
tions)      .....between pp. 84 and 85

KuvERA (from an Indo-Greek sculpture)     to face p. 154

India and Central Asia           ....         at end
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