Rawlinson, H. G. Intercourse between India and the western world from the earliest times to the fall of Rome

(Cambridge :  University Press,  1916.)



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(The following list does not pretend to be exhaustive, and
editions are not specified. It contains, however, the principal
works consulted in the preparation of the preceding pages,
and may serve as a guide to the chief sources from which
further information may be obtained.)

I.     Ancient Authors. Arrian, ed. Kriiger. Bohn,
Standard Library (translations of the principal classical
authors). Herodotus, ed. and trans. Rawlinson.
McCrindle, J. W., The Indika of Megasthenes and
Arrian: Commerce and Navigation of the Erythrean Sea :
Ptolemy's Geography of India: The Invasion of India by
Alexander the Great (Arrian, Q. Curtius, Diodorus,
Plutarch, Justin): Ancient India (Herodotus, Strabo,
Pliny, and later authors). Miiller, C, Geographici
Graeci Minores. Periplus Maris Erythraei, ed. Fabricius:
ditto trans. Schoff. Pliny, ed. Mayhoff. Ptolemy,
ed. Miiller and Fischer.   Strabo, ed. Meineke.

II.      Indian History, Geography, and Commerce.
Bhandarkar, R. G., Early History of the Deccan.
Barnett, Antiquities of India. Beazley, C. R., Dawn
of Modern Geography. Biihler, Indian Studies (1895).
Bunbury, Ancient Geography. Burgess, Elephanta.
Cunningham, Sir A. Ancient Geography of India:
Archaeological Survey of India. Dittenberger, Inscrip-
tionum Graecarum Sylloge. Duff, M., Chronology of
India. Dutt, U. C, Materia Medica of the Hindus.
Hirth, China and the Roman Orient. Hoernle, R.,
Ancient Indian Medicine {J.R.A.S. i8gS). Kennedy, J.,
Early Commerce of India with Babylon {J.R.A.S. 1898).
Lassen, Indische Alterthumskunde. Levi, S., La Grece
et L'Inde d'apres les documents indiens {Revue des etudes
Grecques, 1891). Mukerji, R., Indian Shipping. Oppert,
Gustav, Ancient Commerce of India.    Priaulx,  Indian
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