Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

(London :  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.,  1910.)



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398                          ALBERUNTS INDIA.

P. 183. Sdgdrtam — sdkdshtavii.—Cf. Wilson "Essays,"
ii. 208.

P. 183.—Cdmdha, seems to be = cetturdasi mdeghet,
mdnsctrtagu — mdnsdshtaka, p'drdrtctku —piXrdshtaket, and
mdhdtctn —mdghdshta^ni. Gf Wilson, "Essays," ii. 183,
184, 181.

P. 183.—The festival elhola seems to be identical with
holi, holikd or dol-jdtrd.    Gf. Wilson, p. 147, 210.    Instead

of dhola the Persian translation of Gardezi has ^^^1 holi.

P. 184. Sivardtri.—Gf. Wilson, p. 210.

P. 184.—Pityctttctnu is perhaps = qvdqjdshtctmi. Cf.

P. 186.—On the 15th Magha, as the beginning of
kaliyuga, ef. Wilson, " Essays and Lectures," ii. p. 208.
Alberuni seems to have taken his information regarding
the yugdtlyd or beginning of a yugct from Vishnu-Purdna,
III. chap. xiv. p. 168.

P. 187, 1. 5.—The number of lunar days, 1,603,000,010
(sic MS.), must, according to Dr. Schram, be altered to

P. 188. Vishitvct.—On the use of this term in astronomy,
cf. Sur yet-Sieldhdnta, iii. 6, note.

P. 188.—On Samayet (?), cf. note to i. 336.

P. 189,1. 17, after the table.—The solar year is 365 days
15' 30'' 22'" 30'^', not 365 days 30' 22" 30'" O'^ Accord¬
ingly the last line must run thus: "(i.e. i day 15' 30" 22"'
30^^' are equal to -|ff^) " (Schretm).

P. 190, 1. 7.—The blhdgahdra is not 572, as the manu¬
script has, but 576, and the fraction |^|f (Schrctm).

P. 190.—Aitliatta (?). The name is written ^,j <..z~^^
tjjl^.    A more literal rendering is this : " And that which
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