Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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The division of Umrao Jan^Ada into chapters is confusingly
unsystematized in the various editions.  This comparative table will make
the kind of divergences introduced by editors - although slightly
different schemes may appear in other editions.  The three columns listed
here refer tot

1. The English Translation* This is probably the most faithful to
the origirial, since each chapter begins with a couplet or verse specially
composed by Rusva,  Some of the chapters are, however, extremely long.

2»    The Majlis-e Taraqqi-e Adab edition used as the basis for the
glossary,  Wiis is baaed on subjectis treated as well as the formal division
of the verse-headinge (the editor also extrapolates verses from the text to
put them at the head of his new chapters)*  Although the system is rather
muddling to refer to, the three parts do correspond broadly to the three
major divisions of the book, in which the central one deals with Umrao*s
life out of Lucknow»

3* The Naya Idara (lahore) edition of 1956, roughly similar to 2, but
without the editorial verse-headings to nev/ chapters, and with more sub¬
divisions in the central section*  The cliapters are numbered straight through.
As in 2, chapters I and II of the Translation are run together.
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