Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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gQr*e faa
s©Tar ho ke

r»^yws hona
roti pi|ti


bykti km. imk^ii.  gai
©Ii b#g

•e oarja

wa-siiingg  causing to lasderst^id (i«8«.^
about ti.® nmt based on Chebban^a
.so t her * s int erran ti on )

introduction^ prologue

^o postpone (is^wgnf

* g topped' ^  thers^'^cr^ j -^ ;.i"

.y m&


'  (i,si* i^wjj

fuiy, Tiolmioe

to swr- T0i4jh ho    Hhen

.still worse*

woxsld bs

early ia the eTerdng

(i«#*j  rldiag in palanquins)

Mtt€r«besrer, m@?s who oariy ths palanqulsif




* weeping ^'id wailing^ ,' •«'^ y. ,- .  „^
bc^at'lng (hea4^'br#ast) * j

atrange # wond.erful

€*|:®a ©l@b hal> k^fm 'had worked hersalf m

into a di;*@adfiO» state*

worrieda  anstiouB (ssj^ root as fykr)

(lit«   *horse-"'ma.rket*) 'atmB- of a bagaar/
in Lucknow

*w&3 caught being aold*;^  i*.«s*|   ^soi^-oae
was oa«idit stlliii:

water^osrrlar (as bCflhyftli Ci«s* tMs
was Ms casts J

to daily

saf gm'k&ma oompl#tely d@m^

to threata.a^ browbeat

to confess

on th© ©%a of the rivar^ on  the river
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