Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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xii                              CONTENTS


Replies to questions put by M. Thevenot regarding:—

i Jews in Kachemire   .......      429

ii The Moisson or periodical rains in the Indies     .        .      431

iii The regitlarity of the Winds and Currents in the Indies     434

iv The fertility, wealth and beauty of the Kingdom of


V The periodical rising of the Nile       ....      446

A Memorandum, omitted to be inserted in my first Work, to
complete the Map of Hindoustan, and make known the
Revenues of the Great Mogol    ......      455

Abstract of the King's Licence, from the 1670 Paris edition       .      461


i Regarding Dryden's Tragedy of Aureng-Zebe .        .      465

ii On the identity of the ' Great Mogul's diamond' with

the Koh-i-niir        .....        .        .      469

iii Tavernier's description of the Peacock Throne of the

Great Mogul         .        .        .        .        .        .        .471

iv Note on the letter to Monseigneur Colbert concerning

the absorption of the precious metals in India         .      473

v Some  particulars  relating  to Mr.   H[enry] 0[ulditt-


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