Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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xxviii            A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE

the Em- ] pire of the Great mogol ; together with | some particulars,
making known the court ] and genius of the Mogols and Indians ; \
as alfo the Doctrine, and Extravagant .Super | -ftitions and Customs of the
Heathen of | INDOSTAN. \ 2. The Emperour oi Mogol'sYoyage to the |
Kingdom o[ Kachemire, in the year 1664. | 3. A LETTER, written by
the Author to | M. Chapelle, touching his Defign of returning, after ( all
his Peregrinations, to his Studies; where he ta- j keth oecafion to dis¬
course of I the Doctrine of | atoms, and the Nature of the Understand¬
ing of man, I Tome in. and iv. | English'd out of French by H. O. 1
LONDON I Printed, and are to be sold by Mofes Pitt, at | the White
Hart in Little Britain.    1672. ]

[Title-page. Four pages. The Heads of the Chief Contents of the
Third To7ne. Five pages, The Heads of the Fourth Tome. Three
pages. List of books ' to be fold by Moses Pitt at tlie White Hart in
Little Britain.' One Leaf, Licence for printing and publishing 'this
Continuation of the Memoires of Mons. Bernier,' dated, Whitehall,
April 24, 1671, and signed, JOHN COOKE. Pages 1-173, Letter
to Monsieur de la Mothe le Vayer.]

A I continuation I of the I historie I OF I Monsieur Bernier
£onc«rntn0 i%t Empire of I ii/t great mogol. | particularly | A
Relation of the Voyage made A. 1664 | by the great Mogol Attrenge
Zebe, inar- | ching with his Army from Dehly to La \ hor, from Lahor
to Bember, and from j Bember to the Kingdom of Kachemire, by | the
Mogols called the Paradise of the \ Indies. \ ToME IV. | London,
Printed by S. G., and sold by Mofes \ Pitt at the Signe of the White
Hart in | Little Britaiti.

[Title-page. General title to the series of letters, one leaf. Pages
2-174, The series of nine letters to Monsieur de Merveilles. Pages
175-178, ' Some particulars forgotten to be inferted in my firft Book,
to perfect the Map of Indoftan, and to know the Revenue of the Great
Mogol.' Pages 1-39, Letter to Monsieur Chapelle. One page, List
of books to be sold by Mofes Pitt. This is the earliest English trans¬
lation of the Editio Princeps.]

c                  Oproer I int I RYCK   van   mogol, ]   t'Amflerdam, |  By   foannes

Am<;tprdanr    fanfsonius van \  Waefberge.    Anno 1672. [ [At foot of a copperplate

1672.           engraving representing  a   Mogul  executioner, sword in  right  hand,

4 vols, in one. and holding up the head of a man whose body lies at his feet.     In

12mo.          background a general scrimmage or uproar.]

Verhael I Van der laetften | OPROER | Inden Staet des | Grooten
I MOGOLS. I Tegelijck oock vervattende veeler- j ley feldfaeme Voor-
vallen. ] Befchreven | Door de Heer F. Bernier, | Medicijn in de
Faculteyt van | Montpellier 1 En nu Vertaeldt door | Simon deVries.
I [Printer's mark, Spreading olive-tree with vine round trunk,  aged
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