Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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456                               REVENUES OF

6.   Lecque} that is, one hundred thousand.

7.   Kourour} a hundred Lecques.

1.   Jehan-Abad or Dehli is the first Soubah; it has sixteen

Serkars dependent upon it, and two hundred and

thirty Pragnas.    It yields to the King

in Roupies                                                    ^ 1,95,25,000

2.   Agra,  otherwise   called  Akber-abad,   is

the second; it comprises fourteen
Serkars, two hundred and sixteen
Pragnas, and yields to the King                2,52,25,000

3.   Lahor has fourteen Serkars, and three

hundred and fourteen Pragnas, yield¬
ing to the King                                             2,46,95,000

4.   Hasmer, which belongs to a Raja} pays

to the King a tribute of                              2,19,70,000

5.   Gusarate, of which the capital is Ahmed¬

abad, has nine Serkars and one hundred
and ninety Pragnas, yielding to the
King                                                                1,33,95,000

6.   The Kingdom of Candahar belongs to

the King of Persia, but the Pragnas
which still remain united to the King¬
dom of the Great Mogol are fifteen,
and yield him a rental of                               19,92,500

Carry forward,     10,68,02,500

! Lack, from the Hindostanee lakh from the Sanskrit laksha, origi¬
nally meaning a mark.

^ Crore, from the Hindostanee karor. Arb is the name for IDO

' For facility of reference the totals have been extended in this form,
Bernier giving the figures in words only, which are difficult to add up.

* Ajmere, although nominally a province of the Mogul Empire in
Bernier's time, was also to a great extent under the influence of the
Rahtor Princes of Marwar. It was with the object of consolidating
the Mogul power there, that Ajmere was made the capital of the
Empire during several years of Jahangir's reign.
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