Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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THE GREAT MOGOL                        457

Brought forward,   10,68,02,500

7.   Maloiia   comprises   nine   Serkars,   one

hundred and ninety Pragnas, yielding         91j62,500

8.   Patna, or Beara, has eight Serkars, two

hundred and forty-five Pragnas, yield¬
ing                                                                      95,80,000

9.   Elabas has seventeen Serkars, two hun¬

dred and sixteen Pragnas, and yields          9"!)'70,000

10.   Haoud comprises five Serkars, one hun¬

dred and forty-nine Pragnas, yielding          68,30,000

11.   Moultan   has   four   Serkars,   ninety-six

Pra^Kfli, and yields                                       1,18,40,500

12.   Jagannat,   in  which   is   included   Ben¬

gale} has eleven Serkars, twelve Prag¬
nas, and yields                                                  72,70,000

13.   Kachemire   has   five   Serkars, forty-five

Pragnas, and yields                                 (sic) ^ 3,50,000

14.   Caboul has  thirty-five   Pragnas,  yield¬

ing a rental of                                                  32,72,500

15.   Tata^  has  four Serkars and fifty-four

Pragnas, yielding a rental of                         23,20,000

16.   Aureng-abad,   formerly   called   Daulel-

abad, has eight Serkars, seventy-nine

Pragnas, and yields a rental of                  1,72,27,500

17.   Varada^ comprises twenty Serkars, one

hundred   and    ninety-one    Pragnas,

yielding                                                           1,58,75,000

Carry forward,    20,00,00,500

! By Jagannat is meant Orissa, the Province in which is situated
the celebrated Juggernaut (for Jagannath) temple. A tax upon the
offerings at that Hindoo shrine was probably very remunerative to the

* Apparently a clerical error for 35,00,000. In a Dastdr ul Amal
(Revenue Manual) of the third year of Aurangzeb, 1654-55, quoted
by Thomas, in the work cited over leaf, the Revenue of Kashmir is
given as Rs. 28,59,750.                        * Sind.                     ^ Berar.
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