A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 3)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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[I^?S^?L.  !F Ooldock.

T. Dawson.

4—24 July] 1595
Anno XXXVIJ" Eegni Regin\a]e Elizabeth\cb\.

M^%ttt Colliortt waster

Edwarde White / Entred for his Copie vnder the wardens handes. a ballad intituled /
A Dittie wortJiie to be tneived of all people declaringe the dreadfuU
comynge of Christ to Judgement and howe all shall appeare before his




^ejito trie SuUf

Thomas Adams./. Entred for his Copie vnder th [e h] andes of bothe the wardens a booke
entituled De peeoato Primo An A Ml et genere eausce qua ad peccandum
adductus est      ........        -       vj*./*

Aben Jeffes./.

wUliam Black-
wall and
George Shawe./.

JTohn panter./-

John Danter./.

m° S3ft« 3inUj.l. [1595]

Entred for his Copie vnder th[e h]andes of bothe the wardens a
booke intituled newes from Constantinople Vienna and diverse other
places concerninge the affayres and ivarres of the Christians and Turkes
translated out of Italian into Englishe       .        .        .        .        vj*./

Entred for their Copie vnder th[e h]andes of bothe the wardens
a true Reporte of Three murders lately committed I the firste in Essex
the Second in Oxfordshire and the Third in Middlesex   .        .        vj*

jrjcuifio trie Sttlif

Entred for his Copie vnder th[e h] andes of Master Jackson and
bothe the Wardens a booke entituled Marye Magdalens love
vppon   the   xx^^   Chapter   of John from   the ffirst   verse  to   the


Entred for his Copie alsoe a ballad entituled an admonicon for all
vnbridled youthe bothe the Wardens handes beinge to the same for

warrant for the lawfulnes thereof.....vj*

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