A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 3)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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[ w^Po'^onby>- ^^"^^^-              5—7 October] 1598                                        42

Amio 40'^'' Begin\ji\e Mizaheth\jJB\

William Aspley Entred for his copie vnder the handes of master Samuell harsnett,
and both the wardens, a booke intituled The tragicke Comedye of
Celestina./ wherein are discoursed in most pleasant stile manye
Philosophicall sentences and advertisementes verye necessarye for younge
gentlemen Discoveringe the sleightes of treacherous servantes and   the

subtile cariages of filthye bawdes.j


master warden

m ©ctofiris [1598]

Entred for his Copie vnder the hand of master Warden Bynge A
booke, intituled. The Tragicofnoedye of the vertuous OCTAVIA,
donne by Samuell Brandon......vj* /

Andrew wise* Entred for his copie vnder the handes of master Dixe and
the Wardens. A booke called a booke of the Seven pianettes or Seven
wanderingei motiues of WiiLiAM Alabasters wytt Betrogramd or

Bemoued by John Racksen



ffelix Kyngston. Entred for his copie vnder the handes of master Dix and bothe the
wardens a booke in[ti]tuled Sainct PETERS path to the ioyes of heaven,
wherein is discribed thefrailtie of the ffeshe, the power of the speritt, the
tahorinth of this life, SATElANs stibtiltie and the soules salvation, and
alsoe the elextion lyves and martyrdoms of the xij Apostles      .        vj*

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