A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 3)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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S. Waterson.
J. Standish.

T. Dawson.

16 October] 1609
7   Begis


Master Welby/

[See^^. 338 and

[See p. 55.]

[See p. 442.]

[See pp. 37 and

[See p. 259.]

Master Welby.
vide in 1602 /
[See p. 217.]

Nicholas Borne.

[See p. 360.]

[See pp, 64 and


[See p. 194.]

Jjrie tX t^XiXii^ jiv[a]etr(i:to

24. Master Cuffos booke of the age of Man
25   Amaees. the. second parte

26.  pynner of Wakefeild           ORLANEO the play

27.  Eeware the teire

28.  Granadocs exercises

29.   Conycatchinge the 2 parte

30.  Doctor FEA TISTES the 2 parte.

31.  vnfortunate travayler

32.   Tertarian Criple Emperour of Constantinople

33.  yt is merry ivhen knaues mete

34   her parte with master Burre in Summers la
and testament

35.   The theoricke of phisicke and chirurgerie

36.  whippinge of the runne awaies

37.  her parte with master Burre, in every man

38.  Master




Parkins   vpon   Christcs   sermon   on   the

The  talent of Devotion assigned to him from Symon Stafford with

master Watersons consent


16 oi^tolitts [1609]

Assigned ouer vnto him by mystres Burhye in full Court holden this
Day and with the consent of the Master, wardens and Assistentes
here present in Court all her right in these copies folowing vnder
the condicon that yf there be found any vndirect Dealinge herein
by any of the parties to the same Then these copies to be at the
Disposition of the companie and this entrance to be void       iij^

viz in
j   Sixe sermons and Twoo prayers of Master Smythe.

which be these, viz.  Jonas punishement 2. sermons.

Trumpet  of  ye  soule.      The   synfull mans  searche.

Mar Yes choise.    N0A[H~\his drunkennes.    2 prayers

Brimaleon the Third parte

Her parte in the Threefold resolution

Sutton on the sacramentes

Champions the 1. and 2. partes



6 Learne to Lyue.

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