Columbia Library columns (v.9(1959Nov-1960May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.9,no.1(1959:Nov): Page 46  

Activities of the Friends

Dr. Fackenthal New Council Member. Dr. Frank D. Facken-
thal, a Trustee of Columbia Univer.sity, has been appointed to the
Friends' Council, filling a vacancy in the Class of i960. Following
a period of service at the University in various positions starting
in 1906, he was Provost under President Nicholas Murray Butler
until the latter retired in 1945. He was then appointed Acting
President, a position which he held until June, 1948, at which
time Dwight Eisenhower became the chief administrative officer
of the University.

Growth in Meinbership. Mrs. Albert M. Baer, the Chairman of
the Membership Committee, reported at the September meeting
of the Council that the membership of the Friends had grown
during the past year from 331 to 364. Thirty-nine members joined
our association as a result of activity of the committee in the
spring. During the year, six members died or withdrew, leaving a
net gain of 33. It is a source of pleasure to record here the success¬
ful results of the work carried on by Mrs. Baer.

Fall Meeting on November 11. As we go to press, plans are
being completed for the first meeting of the new academic year,
which will be held in Avery Library on the abo\'e-indicated date.
The program will have the general title "Architecture and the
Phoenix." The speakers will be Frederick J. W oodbridge, consult¬
ing architect for the University, and .Max .'^bramovitz of the firm
of Harrison and Abramovitz, who will describe the latest develop¬
ments in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, illustrating
his talk with slides which will show the facades and floor plans of
the principal buildings which are to be constructed. Architectural
drawings of the Lincoln Center will be on display in exhibit cases
in the Library.

Annual Meeting on January 18. When the Friends of the
Columbia Libraries were organized at a meeting on May i, 1951,

  v.9,no.1(1959:Nov): Page 46