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  v.26,no.3(1977:May): Page 31  

Our Growing Collections


Abzug gift. Former United States Representative Bella S. Abzug
(LL.B., 1945) has presented the collection of congressional papers
covering her six-year legislative career representing New York's
20th district. The collection of approximately 500,000 pieces, dat¬
ing from 1970 to 1976, documents iMs. Abzug's work on women's
issues, housing, employment, health, the environment, foreign af¬
fairs, energy, crime control, mass transit, higher education and
New York City problems. The papers comprise files of correspon¬
dence, drafts of bills, legislative research, manuscripts of writings,
speeches, reports, hearing transcripts and publications. President
William J. iMcGill in accepting the gift said: "There is special sig¬
nificance in Ms. Abzug's selection of Columbia as the repository
for her congressional papers, because the University is in the dis¬
trict she has represented so energetically, and we have witnessed
at close hand her dedicated service to her constituents. Fler papers
will be extremely valuable to students and chroniclers of govern¬
ment and the legislative process during a difficult period in .\meri-
can history."

Barzun gift. Dr. Jacques Barzun (A.B., 1927; Ph.D., 1932) has
added, by his recent gift, the following to the collection of his
papers and to the Berlioz Collection: charcoal portrait drawings
of Dr. Barzun by Henry Grant and Polly Thayer; three file boxes
of correspondence with Wendell H. Taylor, co-author with Dr.
Barzun of A Catalogue of Crime; manuscripts and letters relating
to Simple and Direct; a silk program, dated December 3, 1830, of
the last stage appearance of Berlioz's first wife, Harriet Smithson;
a portfolio of thirty-three etchings by J. M. W. Turner for his
Liber Studiormn, reproduced from copies owned by John Ruskin,
published in Cambridge in 1878; and numerous first editions, pro¬
grams, framed photographs and items of memorabilia.

  v.26,no.3(1977:May): Page 31