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Our Growing Collections


Barzungift. ProfessorJacquesBarzun(A.B., '27; A.M., '28; Ph.D.,
'32) has presented approximately 125 volumes and issues of
periodicals, all of which pertain to crime and mystery books. There
are forty-four first editions of mystery novels and books about
mystery writers, among them two publications by Arthur Conan
Doyle hitherto lacking in our collection. The Croxley Master: A
Great Tale of the Prize Ring, 1907, and The Case of Oscar Slater, 1912.
Professor Barzun's gift also contains the copy of A Catalogue of
Crime, 1971, coauthored with Wendell Taylor, in which Taylor
recorded additions and emendations for a second edition.

Butcher gift. Professor Philip Butcher (Ph.D., 1956) has donated
thirty volumes and more than five hundred letters, manuscripts,
and papers relating to his researches and writings on black poets and
novelists, George Washington Cable, and American literary history.
Of special interest among the printed items are: Owen Dodson,
Powerful Long Ladder, 1947, inscribed by the author to Professor
Butcher; William H. Ferris, The African Abroad, 1913, 2 volumes;
William H. Holcombe, A Mystery of New Orleans, 1890; and
Sterling A. Brown, Outline for the Study of the Poetry of American
Negroes, 1931.

Dzierbicki gift. Mr. Ronald L. Dzierbicki has presented, in memory
of Marguerite A. Cohn, a group of eleven first and rare editions and
one drawing, all of which relate to contemporary literature. Among
the most important rarities in the gift are: the Doves Press 1909
edition of Shake-spears Sonnets, printed in black and red in 250
copies and specially bound in full gold-tooled blue morocco; Joseph
Sebastien Pons, Concert d'ete, a book of poems issued in a limited
edition in 1946 by Flammarion in Paris, with twenty-six woodcut
illustrations by Aristide Maillol, the copy presented being one of
twenty with an extra suite of the woodcuts on Lana paper; and a
  v.39,no.3(1990:May): Page [31]