Hertslet, Edward, The map of Europe by treaty

(London :  Butterworths [etc.],  1875-91.)



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No. 680]         aREAT BRITAIN, &o., AND TURKEY,     [f^f^l' 1||?;

[Turco-Montenegrin Boundary ; Dulcigno, &c.]


the Commissioners of Great Britain, Austria-Hungary,
France, Germany, Itcdy, Montenegro, Russia, and Turkey,
respecting the Turco-Mordenegrin Boundary, and accepting
the so-called " Dulcigno Arrangement" (Page 3000), as
marking the Boundary from the River Boyana to Lake
Scutari.^    10th May, 1880, 28th January, 1881.

[For Protocols Nos. 1 to 26, see No. 552-]

Abstract of Peotocols.

No. 27. Count Colonna Ceccaldi again elected President. Captain Testa
and Baron d'Estournelles elected to form Secretariat, with
M. Miiller as Assistant. Lieut.-Colonel Sollogoub appointed
Russian Commissioner in place of Colonel Baron Kaulbars. Com¬
mission declared to be constituted for 1880. Omissions in pre¬
vious Protocol (No. 26) f made good : labours of Commission not
terminated: thanks of Commission to Secretariat for services.
Danish Effendi proposes that all Memoranda and Communications
be deposited with Secretariat. Montenegrin Delegates present a
written Declaration to President, who reads it to the Conference.
Commission take note of the Declaration, but Turkish Com¬
missioner protests against the use of certain words in it. Monte¬
negrin Delegates withdraw, and a discussion ensues between the
Commissioners.     Captain   Sale  does  nob   believe  delimitation

* The Commissioners were :—

For Great Britain :     ( Captain Sale.

L Iiieutenant Caillard.
„   Austria-Hungary :   Consul-aeneral Lippick.

{Count   Colonna Ceccaldi   (Minister Plenipo.ten°
Baron d'Estournelles de Constant.
M. de St. Quintin (Minister Plenipotentiary).
„   aerma.ny :                Captain Testa.

J, ,   ^                   J Lieutenant-Colonel Ottolenghi.

"      ^^^'                    [Major Boselli.

TV r    4.                       r M. Simo Popovie.

Montenegro:        -^ ,^ ,t.     t,*-

'                     IM. Nico. MatanovK

^ M. Nico. Matanovich.
,    Russia :                       Lieutenant-Colonel Sta:^ Major Sollogoub.

r Consul-aeneral Danish Effendi.
„   Turkey :                < Lieutenant-Colonel Bedri Bey,

L Adjutant-Major Sabri Bey.
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