The Black book or book of misdemeanors in King's College New-York 1771-1775. ()

(New-York: :  Printed for Columbiana at the the University Press,  1931.)



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14                     The Black Book of King's College

Livingston^ for going Into the Country, for a week together.
Stiles & V without Leave, to translate N*^^ 69, & 70. of
Davan      )        the Guardian into hsLtm: to be given in April 24.

<Clarkson^&\ For going out, when under Confinement, to
French^> / translate No. 17. by the satne Day.
<Kissam,> for behaving irreverently at prayers and <Nicoll> 1^,^
<Bayard,> and <Brookman,^> for breaking Moncrieffe's Door, (which
they are to mend) to translate N°^i9. & 20. by the said Day, and Reid,
for talking at Prayers, to translate N*' 70.                                         The

[p. 28] (The following, having absented themselves from Prayers, Im¬
mediately after the Fisitation, and before the foregoing Orders were
read to them, are for this new Act of Delinquency; <are> to translate
.^^^ofN° 21. Into Latin, by the 24th of this same Month, viz. <Bayard,

Brookman, French^ Johnson, Watkins, Lupton,^ Lowther,^> Stiles---------

<Colden^> Davan, <Devereux,^ French, Johnson, Rapalje, Attwood^
Depeyster,'^^ Lowther,> Stiles and those that mist both times, to translate
y^ whole.)

All that owe other Exercises, to perform Double, by the Day above-
mentioned: And whoever hereafter shall be guilty of such neglect, or
make a practice of absenting himself from any part of his Duty, or of
going without his Academical Habit, by Day or by Night; in public or In
private, or shall be found to have broken a Door, entered a Window, or
done any Mischief to y^ College or \ns fellow-students, shall be reported
to the Board, without/^yowr or affection; and the Board shall be re¬
quested, by this Committee, to give Him or Them so offending a speedy
Dismission; so that peace and good order may be effectually preserved In
this Society.

Bogart^ having entirely quitted College, whilst under Suspension by
the Committee, and whilst he owed more than twenty [p. 29] twenty
Exercises, to be recommended to the Board, for a formal Expulsion; In

^ David Clarkson, entered 1774.

^ Joseph French, entered 1772, "left the College in his 4th year" [Matricula].
^ See note on page 4.
* William Brookman, entered 1772.

^ Rev, Brandt Schuyler Lupton, entered 1774, B.A. 1788; Minister of Dutch Reformed
Churches of Lansingburgh and Waterford, N. Y. 1788-1789.
^ Tristrim Lowther, entered 1774.
^ John Colden, entered 1772.
^ James Devereux, B.A. 1776.
^ Thomas Attwood, entered 1774.
^'' James DePeyster, entered 1774; Lieutenant and Captain H.M. Army, died 179,3.
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